Building a Legacy

The Birmingham Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra (BBSO) began an incredible legacy, supplying the community with engaging performances that spoke to generations. The cities of Birmingham and Bloomfield, Michigan, have been a standard bearer for support of the arts in Metropolitan Detroit. The responsibility to carry on this legacy is no small undertaking and the board and musicians of Orchestra Sono are honored to persevere.

We are excited for this new venture and the rebuilding of a classical / orchestra tradition for the cities of Birmingham / Bloomfield. For more than forty years, the BBSO was a leading musical entity in Metropolitan-Detroit, Orchestra Sono plans to pick up where they left off. In 2016, the BBSO performed their final performance and attempted to rebuild.

Orchestra Sono - A New Era

The creation of Orchestra Sono came from a grand gesture and humanitarian act of kindness. In October of 2017, Music Director Andrew Neer, organized a performance of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” (Symphony No. 9), raising just over $16,000. The proceeds benefit those who suffered loss in the massive hurricanes that plagued Texas and Florida. The experience was greatly received and the question arose, “what happened to the symphony from Birmingham / Bloomfield,” and “why isn’t there a symphony in the area anymore.”

From that moment, an exploratory committee was formed to determine what a professional orchestra would look like, housed in the cities of Bloomfield / Birmingham. It was determined that there is a need / desire for symphonic music to be heard and an official board was formed to begin the process. In March of 2018, the board of Orchestra Sono acquired several members of the BBSO board and talks promptly began on how Orchestra Sono could pick up where the BBSO left off. With a goal of having an entirely professional / paid orchestra for the community, Orchestra Sono aquired the BBSO and all their positive assets and began the planning for their first concert season.

The orchestra will provide educational and entertaining experiences for community members of all ages, focusing on the “next generation” of audience participants. Emphasizing the positive effects of classical / symphonic music. In addition, the orchestra will provide exiting experiences for the seasoned concert-goer. This will be accomplished through unique collaborations / partnerships with different ensembles (choral / soloists / etc.) and local organizations. If you are interested in assisting with the formation / building of this new and exciting organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. Help us spread the word, as we bring symphonic / orchestral repertoire to YOUR neighborhood!

Stay tuned for further developmental plans!