King – Lam Educational Fund

King - Lam Educational Fund (KLEF)

KLEF (King-Lam Educational Fund) Endowment

Drs. Francis and Lucy King have graciously volunteered to match dollar for dollar up to $20,000 during the month of July 2021.

This endowment is part of their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration and they are supported by the King and Lam family members and friends.

The annual revenue from the KLEF Endowment will directly impact orchestral performances that carry elements of musical education and appreciation. Francis and Lucy have been involved with education and lovers of music for many years, which is why they have started this endowment. Lucy loves to listen and is involved in music at her church, playing organ and piano, and performs with choirs throughout Metropolitan Detroit.

Music is more than a simple performance, it directly impacts the audience in a variety of ways, often intangible. Each individual should leave the concert with a sense of longing for “what is coming next.” The greatest influence is to exemplify the power of music, in understanding and appreciation, social associations, and cognitive thinking, leaving the listener with a lasting curiosity about music. Introducing audiences to various ethnic and cultural music is an education in itself. These performances can also introduce various diverse musical cultures to audiences of all ages, from students to seniors, in all walks of life.

Join us in celebrating music for the future!