Noteworthy Students

What we do ...

Private instruction is the best way to master an instrument, but we at Noteworthy don’t want cost to be a barrier. In association with Orchestra Sono, Noteworthy Students provides a private-lesson scholarship for children in Pontiac, MI.

Who is eligible?

Students currently enrolled in a public school in Pontiac, MI are eligible.

How long does a scholarship last?

Each scholarship award lasts for one semester. Each semester, students may renew their scholarship. At this time, there is no limit to the number of scholarship renewals a student may receive.

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier ...

Private lessons are the best way to learn an instrument, but it can be costly. For this reason, Noteworthy Students raises funds to be awarded as private violin and viola lesson scholarships.

Give the gift of music

Noteworthy is guided by the ideal that music can affect positive social change, one child at a time. Noteworthy corrals support locally, nationally, and abroad to fund violin-lesson scholarships to children living in Pontiac. Scholarships are year-round and automatically renew every year, allowing children to gain mastery of their instrument over the course of their grade school education. Given the high cost of private lessons, Noteworthy relieves a financial barrier to families who might not otherwise be able to afford private lessons.

Noteworthy has been gaining notoriety in the metro-Detroit community. The Oakland Press featured Noteworthy in a piece on October 9, 2017, in print and online, and the Founder of Noteworthy was selected as a 2019 SphinxConnect Fellow, an honor that recognizes leadership in promoting diversity in the arts.